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Who Will Cause World War 3

This is one question that is really trendy online in these scary ages that we live in. The last major war was more than a half century ago. The world has not really been had a time of peace for too long. But these have been only localised wars. These are the wars that are only fought in a country or involve a small region of the world. Even though such wars often attract the attention of the international community they have never spilt out to other regions. When a war spreads to another continent then is can be regarded as a world war.

As much as this a very serious issue there are some people that are making money from the uncertainty of the times. There many online casinos that are offering sports betting visit . From who will cause the war to where it will break out.

Online gambling sites are not the only businesses that are benefiting from the political craziness that we are experiencing. Comedians now have a lot of material for their shows. The common joke is about who will destroy the world. There are a lot of shows that have managed to get very good ratings by making fun of world annihilation.

The Top Contenders

So if you should choose to not take the threat of being blown to death too seriously then you can get in on some of the real money gambling. Even though betting on the underdog usually gives the best rewards in this situation this might not be the best bet.

The fore-runners in the pool are the presidents of North Korea and America. The two world leaders have been branded as the mad man of the world. With their maverick behaviours, it is likely that one of them is going to be responsible. At some of the betting sites, you can even bet on the leaders not finishing the year in power.

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