• Alice Sweet Alice

    Alice Sweet Alice

    After a young girl is brutally murdered during her first communion, her strange and withdrawn older sister becomes the main suspect.

  • The Dungeon of Harrow

    The Dungeon of Harrow

    An evil, sadistic count lives in a waterfront castle with his insane family members. One day the survivor of a shipwreck washes ashore near the castle and finds himself a captive there.

  • Crypt of the Living Dead

    Crypt of the Living Dead

    Two archaeologists on a scientific dig come across a vampire burial ground and discover that the creatures are about to awaken and attack a nearby village.

  • Frankenstein’s Daughter

    Frankenstein’s Daughter

    Dr. Frankenstein’s insane grandson attempts to create horrible monsters in modern day L.A.

  • Werewolf vs. Vampire Woman

    Werewolf vs. Vampire Woman

    A werewolf is brought back to life and then heads off to the countryside in search of a safe haven and also prey. Two unsuspecting girls have their car break down while in search of a legendary vampire queen’s tomb.

  • The Brain That Wouldn’t Die

    The Brain That Wouldn’t Die

    A doctor experimenting with transplant techniques keeps his girlfriend’s head alive when she is decapitated in a car crash, then goes hunting for a new body.

  • The Human Monster

    The Human Monster

    Insurance agent-physician collects on policies of men murdered by a disfigured resident of the home for the blind where he acts as doctor-on-call.

  • The Lodger

    The Lodger

    A serial killer known as “The Avenger” is on the loose in London, murdering blonde women. A mysterious man arrives at the house of Mr. and Mrs. Bunting looking for a room to rent.

  • The Killer Shrews

    The Killer Shrews

    On an isolated island, a small group of people are terrorized by giant voracious shrews in the midst of a hurricane.

  • Horror Of The Zombies

    Horror Of The Zombies

    The living corpses of the Satan-worshiping Knights Templar hunt for human victims in a 16th century galleon.

  • Fear In The Night

    Fear In The Night

    A man dreams he committed murder, then begins to suspect it was real.

  • Bride of the Monster

    Bride of the Monster

    Dr. Varnoff captures twelve men for his experiment: to turn them into supermen using atomic energy. Newspaperwoman Lawton gets too snoopy for her own good.

  • Fog Island

    Fog Island

    A man invites a group of people to a holiday in his island home, intending to exact revenge on them.

  • Sweeney Todd

    Sweeney Todd

    A Fleet Street barber recounts the story of Sweeney Todd, a notorious barber who in the last century murdered many customers for their money.

  • The Tingler

    The Tingler

    After much hard work, a pathologist discovers and captures a creature that lives in every vertebrate and grows when fear grips its host. Scream for your lives!.

  • Vampyr


    A traveler obsessed with the supernatural visits an old inn and finds evidence of vampires.

  • Satan’s School For Girls

    Satan’s School For Girls

    A young woman investigating her sister’s suicide at a private girls’ school finds herself battling a satanic cult.

  • Häxan


    A documentary about the history of witchcraft, told in a variety of styles, from illustrated slideshow to dramatised events of alleged real-life events.

  • Beast From Haunted Cave

    Beast From Haunted Cave

    A group of gold thieves pull of a heist and flee into the snowy wilderness, only to be pursued by a horrible, spider-like monster.

  • Rehearsal For Murder

    Rehearsal For Murder

    A year after his fiancée’s death, a playwright schedules a rehearsal for his new play, which proves to be a trap for her killer.

White Zombie
White Zombie
The Curse Of Frankenstein
The Curse Of Frankenstein
Night of the Living Dead
Night of the Living Dead
Attack of the Giant Leeches
Attack of the Giant Leeches

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