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An old-school horror movie to give you chills, Vampyr

There is a high chance that you have never heard about Vampyr before, and that might be because this movie came out 1932. However, there is a possibility that you’ve heard of the game Vampyr that has been released in 2018. Nevertheless, if you are a fan of old-school horror movies, you have found the best movie to watch.

What is Vampyr all about?

Today, you have reviews on almost everything; from products that you can purchase, to adult sites where they feature videos or live cams, and just like that you also have reviews about different movies. Well, Vampyr is the representation of all the good old horror movies, and you will see why.

The story begins as a man, but the name of Allan Gray stays in a hotel near Courtempierre in France, which is also where all these strange events unfold. One day, he gets woken up by an old man, who leaves a packet on his table, that states “To be opened upon my death”.

Soon after, shadows will lead Gray towards a caste, and at a nearby manor, he will see the same man be murdered, which is when he gets to gradually learn about the curse of the Vampyr. After that, he tries to save the victim’s daughters, one of whom will get bitten and fall ill, and we all know where that leads.

Old movies are the best

The reason old horror movies are so scary is probably that they are very raw, and many of them are realistic. We all know that the fact that they are filmed in black and white does not help this case since it makes the movie seem even creepier.

There are sites that are solely dedicated to these old movies, in case you are interested in any great movies, like The Lodger, The Phantom Of The Opera, Nosferatu, The Cabinet o Dr. Caligari… and so on. If you are searching for a true scare and nostalgia, watching old movies is definitely the right approach.

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