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Is it still scary? Time to revisit old-school horror classic

While horror movies are fun, it’s even scarier once you are inside them. Horror video games exist since the eighties but were brought to the mainstream during the nineties and the rise of Sony PlayStation. In 1996. Capcom released revolutionary Resident Evil, which is still a top-rated franchise. While playing this game more than 20 years ago was a scary experience, we had to check if it’s still the case today.

Since this game was re-released a few times, we decided to check the latest reincarnation, published in 2015. While there were numerous changes made to make graphics, sound, and even controls a bit better, this is still essentially the same game. The thing we always loved about the first Resident Evil is the sense of isolation. In later games, you were still entrapped, but in a much larger place. Here, you are trying not only to survive what is inside this large mansion but also to reveal its dark secrets.

Only the first Resident Evil effectively combines horror and thriller elements, as you are never if people around you are here to help, or some of them have dark secrets that might cost you a lot. The other thing is that this is the game where every bullet is incredibly essential. If you want to survive, you can’t even kill some of the creatures, as you’ll these bullets later. Often you will wish to zombies to come near you so that you can blow their heads off with a single shotgun shot. You can always use a knife as your last-ditch effort, but it’s useless if two or more enemies attack you. There is no other survival horror where every opponent will cause you worries. Plus, you need to burn their bodies with gasoline if you don’t want them to come back and haunt you.

The Best Games don’t have to perfect, but they need to have your attention all the time. While fixed camera angles might give you troubles, as well as limited movement ability, Resident Evil will keep you engaged and wondering what is going to happen next. It is the type of experience where you rarely feel safe while dying to know what will happen next. Never in a horror game, we celebrated every bullet we’ve found, knowing how rare they are.

So, is this game still worthy of playing? Old school gamers will love it, but the first Resident Evil game is still a fun experience for anyone who loves Adult Games, where you don’t ever feel safe. The best thing about it is that it still feels unique, not only in the Resident Evil series but in the history of gaming. While it would great if Capcom would remake it as it did with Resident Evil 2 in 2019, even in this state, it’s a playable and fun experience that will scare you more than most of the modern horror movies.

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